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March 17, 2015


D A Y 1 • E M B A R K A T I O N  D A Y

SAM_2538_fotor_fotor SAM_2538_fotor

Outfit 1

Sweat suit – H&M

Shoes – Nike

Hair – half ponytail, half down


Outfit 2

Romper – H&M

Necklace – H&M

Shoes – Report footwear

D A Y 2 • F I R S T  S E A D A Y  A N D  E L E G A N T  D I N N E R

SAM_2598_fotor SAM_2598_fotorSAM_2598_fotor

Outfit 1

Shirt – H&M

Skirt – H&M

Necklace – H&M

Studs – So Good Jewelry

Purse – H&M

Shoes – Steve Madden

Hair – double french braid with side part, the braid farther back was started in the middle of my head to make the part between the braids less blunt

SN: When I bought the shirt and skirt, I thought, “OH! This would be a great outfit together seeing that they are the same pattern!” It wasn’t until I got home that I realized the stripes were different sizes… but I still liked the outfit.


Outfit 2

Bathing suit – Target

Shawl – H&M

c02p28525_fotor c02p28525_fotor

Outfit 3

Dress – Naven clothing

Necklace – bought in Cozumel

Hair – my hair was in the same two braids I had worn earlier in the day, but I wrapped each braid around my head and pinned to create a halo effect.

D A Y 3 • S E C O N D  S E A  D A Y


Outfit 1

Turban – French Market in French Quarter

Crop tee – H&M

High-waisted shorts – Urban Outfitters

Necklace – bought in Cozumel

Hoops – So Good jewelry

SN: I felt self-conscious in this outfit. I always do when I feel I have too much skin showing.


Outfit 2

Turban – French Market in French Quarter

Shirt – Old Navy

Skirt – Forever 21? or H&M… most likely H&M

Belt – UAL New Orleans

Anchor chain – bought on ship

SN: I HATED this outfit. I really just wanted to keep the turban thing going. Later that night, I ended up ditching the turban and the tank top and putting on the black shirt with white stripes I wore the day before and it looked so much better. And ignore the clashing jewelry because I had just bought the watch and didn’t want to stop wearing it.

D A Y 4 • H O N D U R A S


Outfit 1

Tank top – H&M

leggings – H&M

Shoes – H&M

Hat – bought on ship

Necklace – gift shop at Audubon Insectarium in New Orleans


Outfit 2

Bikini – H&M


Outfit 3

Dress – Groceries apparel via UAL New Orleans

Necklace – bought in Honduras, that same day

Shoes – Steve Madden

D A Y 5 • B E L I Z E


Outfit 1

Tube top – thrifted, actually a skirt converted into a top

leggings – H&M

Hoops  – So Good Jewelry

Shoes – H&M

Hair – a BIG single bun, my fav!


Outfit 2

Crop tee – H&M

Maxi skirt – Wet Seal

Leopard sandals – Target

Watch – Michael Kors

D A Y 6 • M E X I C O


Dress -Fire Los Angeles via Marshall’s

Hat – Trukfit

Shoes – Report footwear

D A Y 7 • L A S T  S E A  D A Y


Romper – Urban Outfitters

Shoes – Report footwear

Hair – huge front french braid to one side

Et, c’est tout!

The obvious trend for my cruise wardrobe was H&M, H&M, and more H&M. No, Not really, but seeing that they have such great pieces at a great price (and, not to mention, the fact that they are literally two blocks from my employer), you can only guess why most of my vacation wear was from there. A lot of the “cheaper” clothing items in my closet are very simple and interchangeable, which is perfect for a vacation. It also helps with cutting costs before vacationing because the less $$ spent buying clothes, the more $$ left to spend on the trip. The fact that I live in a hot climate also helps. When I splurge and buy expensive clothing, I usually try to stick to bold, statement pieces, usually not vacation appropriate. I’m not at that point where I can buy a plain white tee for $100 and live with myself yet. Also, I would be more disappointed in losing my more expensive clothing rather than the cheaper pieces.

I also packed a few pricier pieces, like the Naven dress. I picked these items because they are not going to get worn very often, are just sitting in my closet and highly appropriate for the vacation. They are such statement pieces that I can only wear them a few times before donating them. I bought the Naven dress for a wedding last summer and have not worn it since; I thought of this as a perfect time to wear it again.

As far as shoes, I did not bring many pairs, therefore some shoes were worn multiple times. I only brought what I needed. Part of this is because I do not have many pairs of cheap shoes or a lot of pairs of shoes that I will not miss. The black Report sandals I wear in many outfits were bought specifically for my cruise last year and have proven easy to style, so I took them with me again! I only brought 5 pairs of shoes due to lack of options and boundaries I set for myself, but I had everything I thought I needed. No heels, AT ALL..

I also never wanted to wear any of the same hairstyles for that week. There were times where I became lazy and resorted to a high bun or half up half down, but I tried to keep it interesting, so much so that I even impressed myself. My favorite thing to decide on when picking out an outfit it my hairstyle so a lot of time goes into that.

Some of my outfits were a hit; some were a complete miss in my opinion and most likely, in the opinion of you all, my readers. But finding the right style is a trial-and-error process and all in good fun. The most important factor, to me, when picking an outfit is how comfortable they make me feel. Sometimes I feel great and stylish. Sometimes I feel ugly or too exposed and just want to go to my room and change, but I usually stick it out. I do this to force myself to learn to be comfortable in my insecurity. If I thought it looked good in the mirror before I walked outside, then I probably still look good on the sidewalk (if the weather agrees). Sometimes an outfit may be too risqué and not accepted by the normal-styled masses; I may get stares, but it comes with the territory of an ever-evolving style. Trying new things and expanding my style helps me to further figure out who I am and what I like and am comfortable with.  I have a very varied and multi-personality style type. One day I want to wear gym wear all day, another day I want to dress like a 1st grade teacher, and one day I want to dress like Beyoncé. That is who I am, for now.

I hope you enjoy my first lookbook! What do you guys think??

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