Craft Cocktail #3 | the Pimm’s Cup

April 9, 2015

This drink is steadily becoming the most popular springtime drink and it tastes just like lemonade iced tea! It’s easy to make and a refreshing welcome to the warm weather.

The Pimm’s cup is a traditionally English drink made with Pimm’s No.1, a liquer similar to gin with a secret recipe. The drink uses many herbs, fruits, and vegetables in the concoction, which tend to vary by region. The addition of cucumbers seems to be a staple across all recipes. In my recipe, I like to add mint along with oranges and strawberries to give it that refreshing feeling that reminds you of Spring. It just makes you wanna go lay out at the beach or in the backyard by the grill.



2 oz. Pimm’s No.1 liquer

1 oz. simple syrup* (variable depending on desired sweetness)

3-5 oz. lemonade*

3-5 mint leaves

2-4 orange slices

1-2 strawberries sliced

3-6 cucumber slices

The number of non-liquid items and lemonade added depends on the glass size. If using a high ball/Collins glass, your measurements may be smaller as opposed to using a pint glass (pictured).

* You can substitute lemonade for fresh squeezed lemons and simple syrup. It will taste MUCH better! I still recommend adding simple syrup for sweetness if regular lemonade is used.


1 – Fill a high ball or pint glass with ice (does not have to be chilled).


2 – Add the Pimm’s liquer and the simple syrup.


3 – Add mint leaves. Slap them a little in between your hands to release the flavor. Click here to see my tips for using herbs in drinks.


4 – Next add the orange, strawberry, and cucumber slices.



5 – Fill the cup with lemonade. You can add a splash of water or soda water if you think the drink may be too sweet, either during of after completion.


INSIDER TIP: When sweetening drinks, you only add a little bit so that the sugar is detectable but does not ruin a drink. If it is ever not sweet enough for you/a friend/a customer, you have room to fix that by adding more sugar when needed. It’s easier to fix a drink that’s not sweet enough than one that’s too sweet. This rule is applied to cocktails like the old fashioned and the sazerac.

6 – shake the contents of the glass in a tumbler about 4-5 times. You are not trying to chill the drink; this is to release some of the flavor from the ingredients you added. If you do not have a bar tumbler, spoon stirring for about 15-30 seconds should do the job.


7 – Pour the concoction back into the glass.


Et voila! Your very own Pimm’s cup! Enjoy on your wrap-around porch in the sunny afternoon with your family and friends.. or at the bar with me!


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