Natural Hair Styles | Two Strand Twists with Head Chain

May 19, 2015


I get very bored with my protective styles, which is why they are few and in between. I, however, try to rock my two strand twists at least for a couple of days before unraveling them. Usually, this is done by wearing a headscarf, but this time I decided to finally wear this head chain from Forever 21. And now I’m obsessed!


I originally got the idea from a video on YouTube by TeAmoAaron. I had to pull some twists over the chain because it wouldn’t fit over all the twists, even though it’s adjustable. You can see the chain through the twists from the side, but it doesnt bother me.

Thanks for reading! I hope I inspired you all to try it and be more adventurous with your protective styles ?

By J'Nai

Born & raised in New Orleans. Natural hair and beauty enthusiast. Part-time mixologist. Future Medical Professional.

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