Natural Hairstyle | Flexi Rod Set + Products and Directions!

July 17, 2015


Last weekend, I rocked a flexi rod set, and it’s slowly becoming one of my favorite hairstyles! Here is how
I achieved this style.

Pre-Styling Deets and Products Used:

Most of the time, when I do rod sets, I use lighter products so that I can achieve big hair. The lighter my products, the more likely my hair is to be big and round. For example, instead of using a rich, creamy leave-in, I use a light, liquid leave-in, and, to style, I use a mousse rather than heavy shea butter.

The first thing I did was cowash my hair with As I Am Coconut CoWash. I used a t-shirt to get the excess water out of my hair after rinsing out the conditioner. I, then, sprayed my hair with cold aloe vera juice to shock my cuticles closed. For my leave-in, I used the Giovanni Protective Moisture Leave-in Treatment. I like using this LIC  anytime I use heat on my hair, like for straight hair or hooded drying. It adds the proper nutrients to your hair to protect it from heat damage and help keep it moisturized. Next, I seal in that moisture using my home-made oil mixture. To style, I used Creme of Nature Foaming Mousse and Cantu Define and Shine Custard. I do not recommend using these products together, and I will not combine them again, because they left a white, flaky residue on my hair (which you may have noticed in the picture). This may be due to the fact that I sat under a hooded dryer as opposed to air drying. The custard, however, works well with the Giovanni Hair Styling Foam. I could have used Eco Styler Gel with the Creme of Nature mousse, but that gel would have given my hair too much hold and unwanted crunch. The Cantu custard gives added hold, but it does not make the hair too hard. I DID use Eco Styler Gel on my ends to lay them flat on the rods.

Styling Deets:

When I was ready to style, I added mousse and custard to each section and a little gel on my ends. I used the blue and orange-colored flexi rods. When wrapping my hair around the rollers, I did it in a corkscrew motion, instead of simply wrapping it around the roller. Here is a video that shows you exactly how to do it. Also, when I wrapped my hair around the rod, I tried to use as much of the rod as I could and put my hair on as much of the rod as possible. I did not wrap my hair in a tight curl; I ELONGATED the curl using the roller. I do this because it stretches the hair and creates a longer curl, giving you BIGGER hair. I used small sections to make drying time go faster. In total, I probably used over 40 rollers. I made the sections smaller in the front to ensure more of a defined curl.

After I finished rolling my hair, I sat under a hooded dryer on high for one hour. Once I took all the rods out, I gently separated the curls at least two times each for fuller hair. When separating, it’s important to pay attention to where the hair naturally wants to separate. This is the key to NOT creating frizz. When you separate the curls wherever you want, it may become frizzy. When you separate the curl where it NATURALLY breaks apart, you get less frizz. Once you’re done and the hair still isn’t big enough for you, grab a pick or a wide-tooth comb and pick out those roots! Pick until you get the fullness you want, but stay away from the ends of the hair so  you don’t mess up the curl.

This style will last me about 2 days, maybe 3 if needed. After the first day, the curls tend to tighten and resemble more of my natural curl pattern. This is not very long compared to styles like two-strand twists, which I can stretch to 7 days, if needed. But, for me, this is okay because I save this style for special occasions and events. Different products may cause it to last longer, but that’s up to you to figure out!

I hope this was helpful to anyone trying to replicate this style! Enjoy!!


By J'Nai

Born & raised in New Orleans. Natural hair and beauty enthusiast. Part-time mixologist. Future Medical Professional.


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    I’ve been eyeing flexirods for some time now…think it’s about time to get some! Thanks for sharing!

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      No problem! Flexi rods are my FAV! I’m glad you’re giving them a try

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