Natural Hairstyles | 7 Ways to Style Your Senegalese Twists

July 26, 2015

If you read my article on protective styles, you know that protective styles and I don’t go well together long term, but I manage to make them work for me. My favorite protective style these days are senegalese twists. I have had them twice this year, and I can’t wait to install another set! My last set of senegalese twists were medium-large, and I think I prefer these over the smaller braids because it’s a lot less weight on your head due to less amount of hair needed. They are just as easily styled as the smaller braids.

When styling senegalese twists, or any protective style, accessories are my best friend: hats, headbands, scarves, you name it. Just wearing them down is also a great stye, but having all of that hair swinging around can get in your way. Bobby pins and ponytails can also create any great, artistic hairstyles you can dream up.

Here are some styles I rocked with my recent install of senegalese twists:

1. Hair down and hanging for the days when you just want to experience the length.

2. A low ponytail under a fedora to spice up a night outfit.

3. Under a head wrap to add flair to a bland casual look

4. Half-up-half-down featuring a high ponytail to the side for my sassier side. Pair with a bright or dramatic lipstick for added character.

5. High ponytail with a headscarf to swing when you want to! It can also be easily converted into a high bun.

6. Started off with a side part, which ended with a crown braid and hair left out in the back. Very princess-like…

7. A fitted cap and some hoop earrings, for a laid back kinda day.

I hope these styles inspire anyone thinking about trying a protective style! The more inventive styles you can come up with, the better your experience will be!

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By J'Nai

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