Natural-Looking Curls with Curlformers!

August 15, 2015

Yesterday was my second time rocking a Curlformer set. The results were very similar to my first use. To shorten drying time, I used lighter products, but I also added a light gel on top of my styler for better hold results.
When you first take off the rollers, the curls are very uniform, and, in my opinion and depending on how large your sections are, they can be worn without/ with minimal separation. However, I am obsessed with big hair, so I separated my curls for fullness and height. I didn’t add any heat to my hair. It took about 12-15 hours for my hair to completely dry, but this is variable depending on length and density. A year ago they would dry overnight (about 8-9 hours$).

When you separate Curlformer curls, the curls tend to seem a bit messy because it it hard to make sure your hair stays flat inside the roller, especially your ends. My main/single dislike is that my ends are often messy on every curl when I separate them. The curls are also not as smooth as they were before separation, so it may seem frizzy. In the event that you would want to prevent this, I would recommend using smaller sections so you don’t have to separate the curls and will still achieve fullness.
Overall, I love my Curlformer results, and the curls that they give me will last my hair about 4-5 days! I put them into an puff at night and sleep with a bonnet.

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By J'Nai

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