Natural Hairstyle | Inverted Box Braid Bob

October 26, 2015


Lately, I have been itching to install braids again, but I wanted to do it differently. I had done colored braids before, but I had never done a braid “cut”. It didn’t take a lot of scrolling through the #boxbraids tag on Instagram until I decided that I wanted to do a bob. Unfortunately, my hair is WAY too long for a neck length bob (I’m at APL – arm pit length). I toyed with the thought of doing a LOB (a.k.a. long bob) but it didn’t appeal to me as much as an inverted bob. Because of the length of my hair, the style turned out being more of an inverted lob, but I’m in LOVE!

The longer braids in the front are long enough to style multiple ways, just like a regular set of box braids. When I style the long braids in the front, it leaves the shorter braids out in the back, giving it the illusion that I have a REAL box braid bob/lob.

The only trouble I have with them is during night-time preservation. With longer braids, I’m used to putting them in a bun and wrapping my edges. The shorter braids can’t reach. What I have been doing is bending down so that my hair hangs to the ground and wrapping the braids in the back with a headscarf. The braids that hang out of the top of the wrap, which are the longer braids, just go in a bun. I then top the bun with a bonnet.

I’ve had them for a week and still have many styles to share with you guys! I also filmed the cutting process, so I will be posting a YouTube video soon. I will add some additional information about how I styled and why I decided to do certain things instead of others (like rubber banding the ends rather than burning), so check it out!

To see more of my braided styles in the next few days, follow me on Instagram at @thenaturalandthecity and on SnapChat at @haironpointe.

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By J'Nai

Born & raised in New Orleans. Natural hair and beauty enthusiast. Part-time mixologist. Future Medical Professional.


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    Hi. I would love to do my hair like this. Just want to know how to cut it. What’s your name on youtube?

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      Hi ! My name on YouTube is The Natural and the City. i have not uploaded this video yet 🙁 but I do still have the footage! There has been overwhelming support for this look so be on the lookout for the video by mid next month 🙂

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        Oh 🙁 my birthday is on the 30th. Thanks anyway

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