#HOTD | Front Cornrows & Twistout

November 16, 2015

I haven’t done this hairstyle since I was in middle school, but I think I’ve fallen back in love with it!

On my never-ending quest for new hairstyles to try, I decided to go waaaaaay back. I was initially inspired by a photo I came across on Instagram (which I cannot find now, when I need it…). It was a picture of an afro with a side part, and, on the smaller side of the part, it was decorated with a braided design. I’ve done that particular style many times before, but I decided to take it to the next level and braid the whole front of my hair. Due to my lack of cornrow skills, I had to flat twist it, but it still came out great!

I didn’t want to have the twists go straight back, because that’s just boring. So, instead, I created a side part, and twisted the braids away from the side part, going opposite directions on each side, in a non-drastic fashion. That way, the twists closest to my ears wouldn’t seem so far away from the initial part.

The rest of my hair was two-strand twisted using my modified method. At night, I take a satin scarf, fold in thrice, and tightly wrap it over the flat twists in the front. This is the best way to preserve them and prevent frizz throughout the week. I also gel down my edges before doing this so that they are pre-laid for the next day. I throw the rest of my hair in a bonnet.

Here are some more pictures of the style:

This style can be preserved for a long time. The pictures were taken four days after styling. When you’re twist out gets funky, throw it in a ponytail, high puff, or re-twist it. Get creative! After 5 days, I have not had to retwist the front of my hair, and it still looks like the first day I styled it.

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By J'Nai

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