Natural Hairstyles | How to Make Bantu Knots Look Cute & Wearable

March 7, 2016

Bantu knots are a true catch 22. The end result – a bantu knot out – is usually BOMB, but dealing with the prerequisite can be problematic. Because they tend to take forever and a day to dry if you style on wet hair, wearing the knots outside the house is a necessary evil for a busy lifestyle. To a lot of naturals, wearing bantu knots outside is equivalent to wearing rollers outside the house. You’re not going to wear rollers in your head to work, are you? BUT, they’re not rollers, and you CAN wear them to work and still look presentable. Here’s how I did it:

You have to start with a solid foundation to get a good end result. I started by making sure my parts were crisp and the lines were clean. First, I separated the front half of my hair from the back  because I wanted the front half to have its own part design, and I worked from there. That way, I could make the front of my hair more organized than the back, stylistically. I styled the front as if I were planning on having my hair out in the back. I made a basic side part and used that as a guide for the other parts. Each front section branched off of the original side part. I tried to stick to triangular sections because I was doing triangular sections in the back.

Here is the end result of my front bantu knots:

I had the same idea in mind when I did this hairstyle:

Styling the back was easier than styling the front. In the back of my head, starting at the bottom, I simply made horizontal section across my head and parted triangular sections (which sounds harder than it is). The smaller your horizontal sections, the smaller the resulting bantu knots, and vice versa. My sections were a good smedium, so I ended up with a higher number of knots. On a side note: the smaller the bantu knots, the smaller the resulting curls and the faster the drying time.

Here is a side photo of what my bantu knots looked like in the back:

I wore my hair like this for 5 days with no problem. The neatness of the style made me feel a lot better walking outside with them in. It also prevented my boss from asking me weird questions.

After 5 days, I took the back knots out only. I wore it like that for 2 days. Because I styled the front knots separately, it looked great with the back out.

Here is how my hair looks with all the knots out:

The knots in the front were bigger than the ones in the back, so the curls were also a little bigger. It looked great, though! It gave me a bang effect in the front and a faux tapered cut feel. I loved it and will most likely be doing it again. I may even try another part style.



  • Neat parts are everything.
  • Make sure, if you style on wet hair, you allow the applicable amount of drying time. For me, it’s minimum two days for it to be completely dry when styled on wet hair.
  • Smaller knots dry faster than bigger knots.
  • Make sure your knots are evenly sized, unless you’re going for the uneven look (which isn’t as bad as it sounds because, if done right, it can add dimension to the curls).
  • The smaller the bantu knots, the smaller the curls, and vice versa.
  • Make sure you ROCK. IT. no matter if it’s this style or the next.


Merci beaucoup!

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