Craft Cocktail #8 | Hennessy Berry Punch

June 30, 2016

Craft cocktail #8

I’m the type of girl who loves a good cognac on the rocks, no mixer. Just the smell and taste of some E&J, Remy Martin, or Hennessy is enough to satisfy my liquid desires. However, summer in New Orleans is brutal, and I often crave fruity, yet refreshing drinks that will serve its original purpose and cool me down as well. Most of these dual-purpose drinks don’t include cognac, but if they do, the taste isn’t one to desire. So, I decided to solve my own problem: I present to you the Hennessy Summer Punch!

The combination of light juices and fresh berries prevents the drink from tasting flooded or the cognac from being weighed down. The cognac still has room to shine, but each individual added flavor is still distinguishable from the next.



  • fresh berries (I use raspberries, blueberries, and blackberries)
  • appx. 1 oz. pineapple juice
  • appx. 3 oz. apple juice
  • 1.25 oz. Hennessy VS cognac

I personally believe the darker the liquor, the darker the berries. This is why I chose these berries in particular. I think they complement the flavor of the cognac very well. For a lighter cognac, you can use lighter berries – like strawberries or actually cranberries. You can also just stick to one type of berry instead of mixing many types.


1 – In a large rocks glass, add a shot of Hennessy.


2 – Add equal amounts of each type of berry, around 1-3 berries each, and muddle until the Hennessy turns purple and all the berries have been mashed.

3 – Fill glass with ice.


4 – Fill the glass with apple juice, leaving a little room at the top.


5 – Add a TEENY TINY splash of pineapple juice.


If you add too much pineapple juice, it will throw off the flavor of the drink.  If you have diced pineapple, feel free to muddle them with the berries instead of using juice from concentrate.

6 – Shake or stir a couple of times to mix the ingredients together.


You don’t wanna shake too much and ruin the flavor by “burning the ice” or watering down the drink. Also, you can add a little simple syrup to sweeten the drink a tad, if requested or to your liking.

7 – Add sliced berries to the side of the glass for flair.


Et voila! The Hennessy Berry Punch!


If you’re coming to Essence this year, come see us at Manning’s and get a drink! We will be serving these all weekend!

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By J'Nai

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