Natural Hairstyle | Twisted Fauxhawk Updo

January 20, 2017

Safe protective styling has always been a bit of a struggle for me due to lack of inspiration and a fear of boredom. It took me a two-hour search on instagram to find a hairstyle I hadn’t done before that I could really make my own..

What I mean by safe protective styling is a style that lasts a while but doesn’t endanger my edges, isn’t too tight on my scalp, and won’t cause any unnecessary breakage. As naturals, we tend to revert to favorite childhood hairstyles when left with no ideas. I have fallen victim to the last resort half-up-half-down myself. This style I found on Shanillia26‘s Instagram page. The page is run by a mother and she posts the hairstyles she does on her two daughters. This one hairstyle in particular caught my attention:

When the kid directs herself smh 😁 I got some more hair inspiration for yall! Have you guys seen our newest tutorial?! LINK IN BIO! Courtesy of @entwinecouture and @entwinecouturenl ! Their Hydrator creme is amazing when it comes to keeping the hair hydrated whilst protective styling which is essential during the colder days! I left this hairstyle in for two weeks and her hair still felt soft and moisturised! To purchase go to @entwinecouturenl Don't forget to use my discount code: Shanillia for a 15% discount! 💖💖💖 – #naturalhairdoescare #naturalhairjourney #afrohair #blackboldandnatural #healthyhairjourney #myhaircrush #naturalchixs #blackhair #teamnatural #naturallyshedope #curls_aunatural #unconditionedroots #naturalrootsista #kinky_chicks1 #berrycurly #kinkychicks #naturalhair  #curlswithlove #teamnatural #globalcoutureblog #happilynaturallit26 #naturalgirlsrock #naturalhairdaily #cwk_girls #kiddycurls #mynaturalhairisdope #berrycurly #afrikinkykids #myhaircrushkids #naturalhairkidsfeature #frobabies

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Here is how the style was achieved on Shanillia’s hair:

Quick tutorial on how to get this "Twisted Frohawk Updo" with the courtesy of @entwinecouture and @entwinecouturenl TO SEE THE FULL VIDEO CLICK ON THE LINK IN MY BIO 💖💖💖 Song: Nubian Delight by Acronym 👌 ——- -#naturalhairdoescare #naturalhairjourney #afrohair #blackboldandnatural #healthyhairjourney #myhaircrush #naturalchixs #blackhair #teamnatural #naturallyshedope #curls_aunatural #unconditionedroots #naturalrootsista #kinky_chicks1 #berrycurly #kinkychicks #naturalhair  #curlswithlove #teamnatural #globalcoutureblog #happilynaturallit26 #naturalgirlsrock #naturalhairdaily #cwk_girls #kiddycurls #mynaturalhairisdope #berrycurly #afrikinkykids #myhaircrushkids #naturalhairkidsfeature #frobabies #bignaturalhair

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The style is super cute, but it was a little immature for me.. Here is how I made it more adult-friendly:

  1. I took off the pony at the top and did individual two-strandtwists.
  2. I twisted those twists and connected the larger twist to the second sections
  3. In each of the remaining sections, I made sure I had an even number of twists. I divided those twists evenly in each hand, then I criss-crossed them. I thought this would give it a cooler, more intricate perception rather than just tucking the twists under and pinning them down. I then took the criss-crossed ends and pinned them under the ponytail holder of the section under it.
  4. In the last section, I just folded the twists over and pinned them under.

Products Used

For products, I used Camille Rose Naturals Curl Love Moisture Milk as my leave-in due to its ability to keep my hair moisturized for long periods of time. When doing protective styles, I try to use thick, creamy products that will moisturize and protect my hair for days at a time. To seal in the moisture, I used my own DIY hair oil. To style, I used Shea butter. I ONLY use shea butter or products containing shea butter for my protective styles because butters seem to be the only products that will seal in moisture almost 100%. To smooth my hair and keep away frizz, I used ECO Styler Olive Oil Styling Gel, another staple of mine.

I love how it turned out and I’m really glad those two hours turned into something productive.

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