Natural w/ a CAUSE | “Your Child Is More Than A Test Score” – The Learning Laboratory New Orleans

“Performance scores matter more in New Orleans than in the rest of the state. All but six of the city's public schools are charters, which may be shut down if they don't meet the mark."

“Most of the class of 2014 graduating from the 100%-charter New Orleans Recovery School District scored so low on the national ACT test that they didn’t meet the minimum requirements for Louisiana’s colleges"

Is this the future you want for your child? Your child is NOT a test score.

If anyone is still looking for summer programs that will help their child learn to love learning and/or help their child prepare for college, let them know about The Learning Lab.

Craft Cocktail #4 | How to make a New Orleans-style Hurricane

Now you dont have to come all the way to New Orleans to try a hurricane… This recipe is not only easy but delicious! The hurricane is a succulently sweet drink that will get you right real quick. It’s combination of a rum trio and fruit juice is a recipe for a beautiful disaster, hence it’s name, and people love it! It's great for parties any time of the year.