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Natural Hair Advice | What to Expect with Longer Natural Hair

One wash day, almost a month ago now, I looked into the mirror and I didn't recognize myself. My hair was different. I didn't know why, but I did know nothing was wrong with it. I was taking my hair vitamins and giving it the ultimate TLC, so I was sure I wasn't doing anything to cause drastic damage to my hair. It was actually the opposite. I was having a hair epiphany. My hair had entered a new phase of natural hair. It’s almost like my hair had evolved.

6 Reasons My Hair is Growing SUPER FAST!!

n the past couple of months, my hair has really seen some MAJOR growth! Lately, it has been taking forever to dry my hair, and I just couldn't figure out why. My regimen hadn't really changed much, so I knew that wasn't the cause. It’s still hot out here in Louisiana, so it has nothing to do with the weather. Then, I finally realized that because my hair had grown so much, and become so thick, it required extra drying time (almost twice as much as it used to!). Today, my hair is a comfortable APL (arm pit length; I say comfortable because I dont have to pull it till my head hurts or the hair is completely taught to reach it. I just gently pull and it stretches there with little effort). It feels like just yesterday I was an inch or two away from reaching this goal. I took some time to reflect on the things that I was doing differently to possibly cause this and I came up with this hopefully helpful list.

Recyle Old Conditioner Container for Your Own Recipes!

Calling all kitchen beauticians!! Instead of throwing away those empty conditioner containers, why not repurpose them? I’m always mixing my own conditioner recipes in random bowls around the house. This time, when I had a few empty containers just laying around, I decided to reuse the containers for my own homemade mixes. I cleaned the containers out and labeled them for my 2 most used concoctions, my #prepoo and #deepcondition  Sometimes, my pre-poo and deep conditioner recipes change, depending on...

Natural-Looking Curls with Curlformers!

   Yesterday was my second time rocking a Curlformer set. The results were very similar to my first use. To shorten drying time, I used lighter products, but I also added a light gel on top of my styler for better hold results. When you first take off the rollers, the curls are very uniform, and, in my opinion and depending on how large your sections are, they can be worn without/ with minimal separation. However, I am obsessed with...

#OOTD + #HOTD – Satchmo Summer Fest

This weekend was the Satchmo Summer Fest in the French Quarter. I always love going to local music festivals because they usually feature many local artists and musicians. They also attract a lot of unique food vendors from all over the South, who come and set up shop for the weekend. It’s a great experience, and you have to do it at least once in your life! Here are the debts for the outfit I wore this weekend: Crop Top and...