My Trip to the African American Museum

My grandmother was a great storyteller when I was a child. I remember vividly the colorful stories she would tell me about the past. The hairstyles, the clothes, the drama. I remember her story about a Native American relative who would sit indian-style on the porch. I remember the stories of how my grandfather was a big jokester when he was in high school and how he used to play on a baseball team. I can clearly see my grandmother’s high...

Traveling Natural | What to Bring on a Cruise.. for a DIVA !

Mardi Gras is over, and so are my double bar shifts! *sighs of relief* But don’t feel bad for me because I am in for a week of R&R! I leave for a cruise next week and I cannot WAIT to get away. This break is very much needed. It has been almost a year since the last time I went on a cruise, but I still remember some of the things I learned about cruising before and during the trip, like how you should pack light.. Pack light? ME?! Seeing how I need options for any and everything in life, I can’t pack light. But I am determined not to pack my entire wardrobe for one week. I brainstormed ideas of what to bring to narrow down my choices but still give me room for unlimited self expression and thought why not share?! So here are some tips, tricks, and lessons learned from my last cruise on how to pack and still have room to be a diva.